Wallpaper prices vary and each material offers a distinct look and approach to wall design. Some are more difficult to hang than others, which is why it’s best to hire a professional to do the job.

Foil models are a bold choice for bedrooms, but require more work to hang since they easily show imperfections. Also, installing foil wallpaper in a room with complex layouts or an existing ceiling can drive up costs.

Living Room

The average cost to wallpaper a living room is between $400 and $1,300 for materials and installation. Professional installers typically charge between $25 and $80 per hour for their services. They will charge more if the walls are in poor condition, require special treatment, or if there are obstacles such as electrical outlets that need to be removed.

Bedrooms typically feature a more unique look than other rooms, and a bespoke pattern can cost up to $2,100 for materials and installation. Unlike regular wallpaper, designer options are curated by well-known designers to suit various settings and are printed on premium materials.

Woven models, also known as grasscloth wallpaper, use tightly woven fibers that can vary in thickness for a more textured appearance. These are ideal for high-traffic areas, and they can last up to 30 years without becoming damaged or fading. However, they are not suitable for previously textured or painted walls. This is because they can leave marks if they are pulled up.


Wallpaper can be a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom. It’s also a good option for people who can’t paint their walls or if they want to redo their room without spending money on painting.

The average price of a roll of wallpaper is $75 to $175, depending on the design and material. You can also buy textured or flock wallpapers, which have raised designs that create a three-dimensional appearance. Some wallpapers are non-woven, meaning they don’t use vinyl and are better for the environment. For more info I’ll suggest you visit the website wallpaper singapore.

Labor costs for installing a roll of wallpaper are $25 to $35, but you may pay more than that if you choose a specialty paper or if your installer needs to cut around a fireplace, doors, windows, or electrical fixtures. You also might have to remove any previous wallpaper, which can add a few hundred dollars to the cost of your project. Most decorators work regular hours and will ask for a minimum payment to cover their expenses, equipment rentals, and travel costs.


Wallpaper is a common option in bathrooms, where water-resistant and durable options are needed. If you choose a custom-design or high-end wallpaper, it will cost more. Compared to paint, wallpaper is more moisture-resistant and can be more easily cleaned.

The average cost of a roll of wallpaper is around $25 to $100. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of any tools you don’t already have to hang the wallpaper, such as paste, a water tray, sponges and a tape measure.

Prepasted wallpaper has a dry, inactivated adhesive on the back that needs to be sprayed with water to activate and apply to the wall. This type is easier to install and is a good choice for DIYers. Other types of wallpaper need to be pasted by hand and have a more complicated installation process. They’re also not recommended for areas where humidity is high or if you’re looking to create a waterproof design.


Wallpaper offers a quick, cost-effective way to redecorate an office. It is also easy to remove and can be replaced if it becomes damaged or worn. However, hanging wallpaper is not something most homeowners want to attempt themselves. It’s best to hire a professional for the job to ensure it is done correctly and to avoid costly mistakes.

The cost of wallpaper depends on the type and material used. The average price of non-woven models is about $20 to $40 per roll. They are made from paper that’s water-resistant and washable to make cleaning easier.

Foil wallpaper, which is usually a metallic foil, costs more than standard models. Its unique design is bold and can enhance any space.