Non profits provide a unique role in the community that they serve. They perform this role by providing specific services that are part of their mission statement and commitment to others.

Often non profits are able to preform golf tournament prize ideas these services by utilizing dedicated volunteers in their community and through the use of limited paid staff. These volunteers often help to sort clothes, deliver meals, help disaster victims, etc. In addition, non profits utilize volunteers to provide governance for the non profit and provide fiscal accountability.

Another important action required for non profits to fulfill their service to their respective community is through fundraising. Fundraising by non profits needs to be creative and diversified.

Creative Fundraising

Fundraising by non profits needs to be creative. This is due to the fact that there are more non profits than ever serving in any given community. The reality of this fact is that these additional non profits are limited in the amount of financial dollars available in the community. Creativity in their fund raising efforts will ensure that the non profit has the financial resources to operate and provide the services that they are committed to provide.

Creative fundraising by non profits can be defined as fundraising that goes beyond the traditional way of asking for financial support. Examples of creative fundraising by non profits include adding a well-known celebrity to a typical golf tournament to increase the number of participating teams. Another example of creative fundraising by non profits is to actively allow the financial supporter to interact with those that are served. This can be accomplished through a sponsorship program where toys or food is delivered by the donor directly to the household of those less fortunate. Of course, permission needs to be gained from the family that is being helped.

Diversified Fundraising By Non Profits

In addition to creative fundraising by non profits, there needs to be a full diversification of financial support received by the non profit. This simply means that the non profit cannot depend upon one stream of revenue to fulfill their mission statement.

Therefore, fundraising by non profits should include seven basic sources of financial support. Those seven area are through the writing of grants, major gifts, support from companies and corporations, federated campaigns, mail appeal, gifts-in-kind and special events.

To fully implement diversified fundraising by non profits there also needs to be a shared vision and practical implementation of this fundraising plan. This requires that all paid staff, service delivery volunteers and governance volunteers see their role as fundraisers within the organization and do their utmost to fulfill their role as fundraisers.